About Jay anderson, phd.

My Story

I suppose I was born restless. I've found myself attracted to the notion of "exploration"-- on both the physical plane, as well as the space between my ears. Consequently, I've found myself living, working, and learning under a  wide range of conditions, locations, and situations. I'm an educator, illustrator, and writer. I've deliberately sought out the most extreme forms of travel possible, all with the intention of gaining a more insightful understanding of human nature in all of its various manifestations.

My Travel Photos, Paintings, and Drawings

I variously refer to myself as a cartoonist, illustrator, painter or photographer. Much of my artwork centers on capturing moments in time... to include the sands of Arabia, the plains of India, the jungles of Cambodia, or the mountains of Himalaya. Extreme travel requires extreme decision-making, risk-taking, and occasionally dangerous gambling... all for the sake of memories suitable for conversion into an illustration or short story.

My Written Work

In my role as an academic, I've produced a mountain of curricula. As a wayfarer, my life on the road has been an action-packed, thrill-a-minute foray into some of the most challenging and rewarding situations imaginable. My greatest pleasure, however, might very well be my recent creation of my two books, "Threadbare Tales From Silk Road" and "Where Tours Buses Won't Go". These collections of bizarre events are biographical and factual... stripping away any protective hide, while revealing the gristle and bone of hard-core reality.